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Ellison Elementary
Making a Difference at Ellison Elementary!
Our Learning Story

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Welcome to Our Learning Story


Ellison is a wonderful place for students and staff to come together to learn.  With a vibrant school community that supports the needs of each of the unique learners at Ellison, students have a multitude of opportunities to explore their passions, set goals for themselves, and reach their full potential.  As a school family, we recognize the importance of celebrating each individual learner and their accomplishments.

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Opened in 1996, Ellison Elementary is located in the Scotty Creek subdivision.  It currently serves approximately 200 students.  The staff consists of 16 Educators, 5 Certified Education Assistants, 2 Clerical staff, 2 Custodial staff, and 1 Principal.  Each staff member is constantly looking for ways to support the needs of the learners, and working to build strong connections with each of the students at Ellison. 

Our staff is using the Spiral of Inquiry framework as a tool to gather important information about what is happening for our students, and to guide our direction as a staff.  Questions like, "what are you learning and why is it important" and "what are your next steps in your learning" help us to better understand the needs of our learners and create a coherent direction for transforming learning at Ellison.  These answers to these questions direct our next levels of work for the school. Additionally, we are continuously scanning our students asking them about their experiences at school, how they like to learn, and if they feel connected to the staff in our building.

Our Mission:

As a caring and innovative school community, we actively promote academic excellence, healthy lifestyles, empathetic citizenship, and lifelong learning.  

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Our Learning:

Over the past year, our teaching staff has been focusing their learning around the OECD Principles of Learning.  This extensive body of research guides us as a school, to unpack how our students learn best and how we can transform learning for each of our students.  Teachers have had the opportunity to collaborate and design learning to empower their students alongside our district's Instructional Leadership Team, as well as other teams of educators in our district.  While this work has just begun, it will continue to be a focus for us as we transform learning for each of our students.

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As part of the Rutland Families of Schools (K-12), we have a theory of action that will guide the work we do as a school over the next 3 – 5 years.  Below is the theory of action:

 "If we empower a collaborative learning culture in our schools guided by evidence-based research about learning, we can co-create the conditions to facilitate a deeper understanding of the pedagogical core that optimizes learning for EACH student and adult in our schools."