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Hand Book

​​​​Welcome to Ellison Elementary

The purpose of this handbook is to provide students and parents with information concerning the organization and operation of our school.  We hope that you will keep this handbook available to use regularly as a point of reference. 
Our handbook is always 'under construction', so will only be available online, as editing will be going on all year. We welcome any feedback or suggestions from parents and students.
We trust that you will enjoy your year at our school!!


With a focus on student intellectual engagement, our school will develop all students as learners, thinkers, innovators, collaborators, and contributors to prepare them for the 21st Century.


As a caring and innovative school community, we actively promote academic excellence, healthy lifestyles, empathetic citizenship, and life long learning.     


Our mission is to educate students to value learning, possess knowledge and skills, strive for personal excellence and physical health and well-being, experience success, exhibit responsible citizenship, enjoy life, and meet the challenges of change through a variety of defined programs and technologies, strong parental and community involvement, and an effective, caring staff. 


Regular attendance at school is extremely important.  Please call the school if your son/daughter is to be absent.  We maintain a daily telephone check and will try to call home if we have not been previously informed of the absence. 

Student Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies while at school, at a school-related activity or in other circumstances where engaging in the activity will have impact on the school environment. Guidelines for appropriate student behaviour reflect the school’s philosophy of openness and mutual respect.  Conduct guidelines focus on the expectation that students will take personal responsibility for their behaviour.  This responsibility applies not only to academic studies, but also to the treatment of other people and the use and care of school facilities, equipment, textbooks, and supplies. Our behaviour guidelines are based on the “3 R’s”.  Students are expected to monitor their behaviour using the following guidelines:
* Respect Yourself    *  Respect others    
*   Respect Property   *
If students fail to exhibit their best behaviour in these areas, a sequential, consistent, and fair discipline process will be put into effect.  Consequences applied for inappropriate conduct will be communicated to parents/guardians by phone and/or using a discipline record form that requires a parent signature. The school promotes values expressed in the BC Human Rights Code respecting the rights of all individuals in accordance with the law—prohibiting discrimination based on race, colour ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, gender or sexual orientation—in respect of discriminatory publication and discrimination in accommodation, service, and facility in the school environment.
In addition to our school based guidelines and expectations, students at Ellison are expected to be aware that more serious violations of the Code of Conduct will be dealt with in accordance with S.D. #23 discipline regulations (Policy/Reg. 5600).  A serious violation of School Board Policy could lead to a Definite Suspension (1-10 days) or an Indefinite Suspension (may be for more than 10 days). Special considerations may apply to students with special needs, if they are unable to comply with a Code of Conduct due to having a disability or an intellectual, physical sensory, emotional or behavioural nature.
Each responsible student contributes to the well being and success of everyone at Ellison Elementary. 

Bus Conduct

In order to maintain a safe environment on our buses, students are asked to abide by the following guidelines. Students shall:
  • Remain in the area designated as a bus loading zone;
  • Board or disembark a bus in an orderly manner;
  • Remain seated in a seat assigned or assumed from the time they board the bus until the time they arrive at the destination;
  • Refrain from putting their heads or arms out of windows;
  • Refrain from talking to the bus driver while the bus is in motion;
  • Do everything possible to keep the bus clean, tidy, and neat; 
  • Do not eat or drink on a school bus without the driver’s permission;
  • Abide by instructions given by the bus driver.
Students who repeatedly fail to abide by these guidelines may have their bus privileges suspended. Riding a school bus in School District #23 is a privilege.

Dress Code

Decisions regarding student dress require the careful balance of the individual's right to self-expression against the school's responsibility to ensure an appropriate learning environment. Our school dress code identifies some standards that should assist students and parents in determining appropriate clothing for school.   Students are expected to dress in a manner that promotes a positive image of one's self and the school. 
It is not appropriate or respectful to wear clothing at school, or to a school event, that:
  • represents or promotes the use of drugs, alcohol, or inappropriate language
  • is designed to ‘beach’ wear
  • could contribute to personal injury
  • depicts or promotes violence, racism, or discrimination
  • is intimidating to others

Gym Clothing

Students (Grades 4/5) are recommended to have appropriate gym strip (shorts or sweat pants, T-shirt, and clean running shoes) for P.E. classes. Running shoes should have non-marking soles.  It is recommended that each pupil have a gym bag to store gym strip. Primary students (Kindergarten - Grade 3) should have 'inside' gym shoes.

Personal Property

Parents/Guardians are asked to note that the School District cannot assume responsibility for the loss of and/or damage to personal property which is brought onto the school property. Students should not bring electronic devices (eg. Cell Phones, Ipods etc) to school as these type of devices often interfere with the learning environment of a school. If a situation occurs where direct communication with your children is necessary in the classroom setting, please phone the school office.


Students are allowed to use the telephone for urgent matters—illness etc.  Students are to obtain their classroom teacher’s phone pass before using the phone.
Social activities and playdates by the students must be organized outside of school time.

Medication/Medical Treatment

The School Board’s Medical Treatment Policy is as follows: 
  • Pupils may not take non-prescription drugs at school.
  • Pupils may only take medication prescribed by a doctor after the parent/guardian has completed and returned the Request for Administration of Medication at School form, which includes the doctor’s written authorization.  Forms are available at the school office.
  • Medication must be provided to the school in a container carrying the proper prescription label provided by the pharmacist. The medication will be stored in the school office.


Homework serves a valuable educational purpose toward the academic growth of a student.  At the discretion of the teacher, students in the intermediate grades may be expected to spend some time (1/2 hour) each night in completing assignments, reading, and/or reviewing information for class.  Primary children may be guided toward involvement in activities at home which develop reading and numeracy skills, and positive home study attitudes and habits.  Incomplete homework assignments make it difficult to provide continuity in the next day’s lesson.  We appreciate your support in providing a suitable location for your child to complete work at home.

Field Trips

During the school year, classes may attend various field trips.  Periodic parental help with transportation using personal vehicles is appreciated and requires parents to complete a Driver’s Declaration form prior to driving.  This form is available at the office. All parent volunteers are required to complete a Criminal Record Check form. These forms are available at the office.  A note will be sent home notifying parents of the field trip and asking for parental permission to allow students to participate on the field trip.
Driving on a field trip requires a parent to have seat belts for every passenger and at least $3000000 third person liability on their insurance policy.  A current copy of the individual’s driver’s license and insurance policy is required when drivers fill out the Driver’s Declaration form at the office.  It is our goal to provide, as much as possible, School District bus transportation. All drivers must have completed a School District Criminal Record Check. Thanks for your help.

Supervision (School Playground)

Supervision on our school playground begins at 8:00 a.m. and extends to the departure of the last afternoon bus.  If children are to arrive before these times, or stay later, special arrangements must be made with the school to ensure adequate supervision. If students wish to play on the playground after school, they must have parental permission.  There will be no supervision provided by the school at such times.

Lunch Hour

Most children remain at school to eat lunch.  They are expected to demonstrate good manners while eating and to clean up their eating areas after eating. If pupils normally eat lunch at school, it is expected that they will not leave the school grounds during the noon hour without written authorization from parents, and only after notifying their teacher and the school office.

Home-School Communication

We want to do our best to keep you informed of activities and events that occur in and around the school in addition to District and Community information. Please ensure your email address stays up to date with us and that you are receiving our weekly communication every Friday.


Please check the site often for current information, newsletters and upcoming events.

Formal Report Cards

Formal Report Cards will be issued in December, March, and June.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

These are scheduled opportunities to discuss your son/daughter’s progress.  However, we encourage parents to call the school and arrange conferences as needed.

Parent/Volunteer Help

Parent involvement at school is encouraged and appreciated.  Parents may wish to be involved in the following ways: 
a.Special Guests/Helpers during the school year,
b.Classroom Helpers
c. Field Trip Chaperones
d. Hot Lunch Assistants
e. Special Event (ie. Track and Field or Playday) Helpers etc.
Help may be requested through a note or a phone call home or through the coordination of a volunteer sign-up list.

Classroom Visitations

Parents play an integral role in their child’s education.  Please contact your child’s teacher to arrange dates and times for classroom visitations.

School Planning Council and Parent Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Council meets monthly to plan programs and activities that will benefit students and the school community, in general.  PAC meeting dates & times will be announced on the school website.  ​
NOTE:  Parents/Guests are required to sign in and to wear a Volunteer I.D. badge when working in the school. All volunteers in the school and for field trips, are required to complete a School District Criminal Record Check (forms are at the office). Thank you in advance for helping our school!


Parents have an opportunity to purchase school supplies for children through the school at costs outlined in the September newsletter.  The school supply fee covers all basic supplies for the year.
Kindergarten to Grade 6: $35.00 (Supplies) + $10.00 (Cultural Fee) = $45.00
Students are charged the $10.00—cultural fee to cover the costs of special  presentations brought to the school during the year.  

Lost and Found

Every year many articles are lost at school.  It is recommended that all articles of clothing be marked with appropriate identification.  

Learning Assistance Information

The Learning Assistance Teacher (L.A.T.) assists classroom teachers in planning and implementing programs for students with specific needs within the regular classroom.  These may be students who are experiencing difficulty in a particular subject area or those who require an extension beyond the regular curriculum.  The L.A.T. assists teachers with detailed assessment of students and communicates the necessary information to teachers, parents, administrators, and to the student, if appropriate.  Communication generally takes place at a meeting of the School Based Team which consists of the L.A.T., the administrator, the classroom teacher, and the parents.  The objective of learning assistance is to help each student perform to his/her learning potential within the classroom setting.

Counsellor Information

Every elementary school in S.D. 23 presently provides a staff counsellor on a part-time basis.  The counsellor supports students who are experiencing emotional, social, or behavioural problems at school or at home which affect their learning and personal well-being.  The counsellor is available for consultation with staff, administration, and parents who wish to discuss concerns about students, so that strategies for improvement can be implemented.  The counsellor provides referral to community agencies if the student or family requires long-term counselling or support.   Service is also provided in consultation with parents and teaching staff regarding behavioral strategies and behavioral plans.

Library Information

The Ellison School Library has a collection of materials that is intended to support curriculum needs and to provide enjoyment for pupils.  As well, the collection includes a limited selection of materials that are of particular interest to parents. It is staffed part-time by a teacher-librarian and clerical assistant.  Most materials are loaned for a two week period.  Pupils are encouraged to exchange books frequently rather than sign-out many at one time.

Extra Curricular Activities

At certain times throughout the year, teachers volunteer their time to run extra-curricular activities for the students of our school.  We appreciate these efforts and the support shown by parents.  Notification of these activities will be announced in school and included on our website. 

Hot Lunch Program

The Ellison Parent Advisory Council sponsors a Hot Lunch Program at our school.  Parents prepay for meals on line which are delivered each Wednesday and some Fridays.  Food choices are available for students and these are outlined in the order form that can be obtained on our Website.  We thank the coordinators and the other volunteers for their hard work in ensuring the success of this program.

Bus Transportation

Each year, changing demographics require that the School District No. 23 Transportation department refine our eligible School Bus Transportation routes.    All routes are designed to service eligible children.  “Courtesy” riders are those children who live closer than the above mentioned transportation eligibility limits.  Courtesy riders are only offered seats, when available, up to the existing capacity of the scheduled bus.  Requests for courtesy ridership are prioritized on a furthest distance basis.  To confirm eligibility simply use the Edulog Web Query.