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Making a Difference at Ellison Elementary!

​​​​Here are some Ellison teachers' websites with LOTS of awesome links to learning sites. Check them out!  There are more links on the Homework Tips tab.​ 



Learning Letters and So​unds
Alphabet "Whack-a-Mole"-click the letters in alphabetical order
Spring Bee-help the bee gather the letters in order!la_vowels.gif
Letter Sounds-beginning consonants (3 levels)
Letter Sounds 2-Blends-beginnings like cl, crbl
Letter Sounds-'S' Blends-beginnings like stslsp
Letter Sounds-Short Vowels-beginning sounds are short vowel sounds
Letter Sounds-Long Vowels-beginning sounds are long vowel sounds
Alphabet Zoo-match names and first letters

Phonics: Putting Sounds Together
Reggie the Rhyming Rhino-play this rhyming word game from Scholastic
Room 108 Phonemic Processing-an excellent activity! Match letters and sounds, exchange letters to make new sounds; five levels.
Phonics Games and Activities (from Sadlier-Oxford Publishing)-Graded phonics lessons in game form. There are many activities here; the emphasis is on letter-sound relationships, but by Grade 3/4 there is more vocabulary and grammar.

Sight Words
Room 108 Word Games using the Dolch Sight Word List (220 most common words)
The Rain Game-spell the word by catching raindrops
The Sentence Game-put the words in order to make a sentence
Hangman-word sets : colours, seasons, months, days of the week, numbers
Reading Games-12 interactive games from the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library (Mansfield, Ohio)​

Learning Words
word.jpgNina the Naming Newt-find names of things from many settings games used to teach non-english speakers. Several types of games take the learner from new word to recognition.
Learn English with Pictures and Audio-Designed for english language learners.
Learning Chocolate!-another picture-word site with audio
Improving Vocabularyla_phonics.gif
Readquarium-(from Gamequarium) Build your knowledge of words, meanings, usage. There are lots of activities here, but avoid the "Ads by Google."
Gamequarium's Vocabulary page is another source; there may be some duplication of activities.
FunBrain KidsCenter-scroll down to the Words section. Again, lots of activities, but avoid the in-house advertising.​

GET YOUR CHILD MOVING!  Lots of videos of fun games and movement activities for those days when the weather's not that great!